March 23: The truffle Bianchetto or Marzuolo.

In this march from umbrella and hat, second appointment with the dinner-tasting at the Trattoria of Livergnano with a first season: the truffle bianchetto or Marzuolo.

These truffles are traditionally researched in Romagna, Tuscany and Marche. They owe the name of "Bianchetto" to distinguish them from the most noble white truffles and are also called "Marzuoli" for the harvest period (January-April). Thanks to the characteristic aroma, they are suitable to give "tone" to many dishes, simple and refined, from the appetizers, to the courses more of substance, to the sweets.

The tasting proposes in combination the wines of the Az. Agr. Demarie, a winery whose vineyards are immersed in a territory that has a vocation traditionally tartufigena, the Cuneese.

    March 23, H 20:30 Second appointment dinners tasting: the truffle bianchetto or Marzuolo. In combination with wine cellar Az. Agr. Demarie the menu includes: Appetizer: Creamy potato, a few eggs and truffles + "Charme" sparkling wine brut-first dish: tortelli green ricotta cheese and truffles + Roero Arneis DOCG-second dish: fillet of beef with truffle with a little potato with porcini mushrooms + roero DOCG- Desserts: whipped cream with caramel truffle + Moscato d'asti DOCG-reservation required. For info and Bookings: Tel. 370 3184622 E-mail  

23 March, H 20:30 the truffle bianchetto or marzuolo dinner with wine cellar Az. Agr. Demarie


The menu includes:

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Easter Menu 2018

Follow the menu for Easter Sunday and Monday (called in italian “Lunedì dell’Angelo” or also “Pasquetta”) that you will find on the table at Trattoria di Livergnano.

From appetizers to dessert, under the banner of tradition.

Easter Menu Appetizers Mixed crostini €6 radicchi field with Bruciatini €6 Sformatino of porcini mushrooms in cream of Reggiano €8 first courses Tagliatelle bolognese or prosciutto e limone €9 tortellini in broth of capon or cream €12 potato Ravioli with CROCC pillow Ante €10 tortelloni of ricotta butter and sage or butter and gold €10 Lasagne €10 Second grilled dishes mixed with grilled meat €15 carré di Agnello €16 lamb shoulder baked with potatoes €16 roast rabbit €16 contours roast potatoes €4 frat €4 artichokes stews 5 € Cakes chocolate cake with mascarpone cream €5 English soup €5 panna cotta €5 mascarpone, crumbled, berries and chocolate €5 Happy Easter!

The menu includes: