April 20: Asparagus. Dinner-tasting

New appointment with proposals for dinner-tasting at the restaurant Livergnano: Spring Blooms and here is a delicious sprout from the garden asparagus, vegetable with a thousand properties and virtues, known since antiquity.

The tasting proposes in combination with wines from the Terre d’asti of the winery Tenuta Montemagno.

    20 April H 20:30 Asparago dinner and pairing of wines Tenuta Montemagno. For info and reservations tel. 370 3184622 E-mail Trattoriadilivergnano @ gmail. Wine Tasting Tenuta Montemagno The menu includes: appetizer my asparagus at the Bismarck "TM 24" brut first dish ricotta cheese on a mirror of asparagus ham and lemon "Nymphae" Sauvignon and Timorasso Doc second dish Supreme of chicken Grignolino d'asti doc desserts semifreddo with white chocolate and caramelized asparagus lemon "dulcem" Malvasia di Cavbarley Doc €35 per person, all inclusive. Reservation required. For info and Bookings: Tel. 370 3184622 E-mail trattoriadilivergnano@gmail.com

April 20, H 20:30 the asparagus dinner with a combination of wines Tenuta Montemagno

The menu includes:

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