June 15: black Truffle

The summer is at the door and the Trattoria Livergnano the truffle back protagonist at the dinner-tasting, now is dedicated to the black summer truffle.

Also called Scorzone for the round lining and often, can be picked up by the Quarrymen from May until the end of August, a delight for all summer. Its aromatic flavour, not immediate, has fruity and delicate notes that can also vaguely remember the porcini mushrooms.

The tasting proposes in combination the wines of the winery Masottina, from the Colli di Conegliano “Perla del Veneto”, City of Art and with a strong vocation for sparkling wine.

  15 June h 20:30 the truffle dinner with wine cellar Masottina appetizer flan starter with truffle cream Prosecco Asolo DOCG first dish Spaghetti on guitar, prosciutto, truffle and pumpkin flowers Pinot grigio DOC 2016 second dish veal casket Stuffed with potatoes and porcini mushrooms with truffle Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva doc 2009 Sweet ricotta Mousse with truffles with crumble to cacao Prosecco doc Treviso

15 June, H 20:30

the truffle dinner with pairing of wine cellar Masottina

The menu includes:

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