September 21: the pumpkins. Dinner-tasting

September 21, H 20:30
the Pumpkins

Dinner-tasting with matching wine by

Cav. Emiro Bortolusso Winery (Friuli)

Pumpkins on the table, September 21, 2018, H 20.30

September takes us to the threshold between summer and autumn.
A season full of delicacies awaits us and at the Trattoria di Livergnano we start again with a dinner-tasting event with a first appointment dedicated to pumpkins. 
This vegetable can bring to the table not only the warm autumn colors, it can enrich with its delicacy and with its flavors the taste of all dishes thanks to its many varieties and – like a kind of “pig of the poor” – the use of all its parts (seeds, pulp, peel, flowers) that can be used not only in the kitchen.

The menu includes: