The Menu

(The real Menu awaits you on the table)


Starters Mixed Croutons Parmigiano Reggiano with zucchini cream Scalded mortadella casket with ricotta, pistachios and restriction of balsamic vinegar Beat buffalo with pepper cream First Dishes Tortellini in cappone broth or cream Tagliatelle with bolognese or ham and lemon Tortelloni ricotta Butter and sage or butter and gold Gramigna with sausage sauce Spaghetti on guitar with cherry tomatoes, taggiasche olives and caper fruits (cucunci) "re-full" moons of eggplant, mozzarella and concassé of tomatoes and thyme Second Grilled dishes grilled meat grilled grilled Scottona "Erba" at Km 0 Grilled Castrato Veal with confit tomatoes and yogurt sauce and mint Muscoo with Petroniana of a time Cheese Selection flavor with compote Singles Roasted Potatoes Mixed Salad seasonal Pinzimonio vegetable vegetables Seasonal Vegetables Friggione Crescentine Sliced mixed Cheese tender Under the mixed oils Basket of Growing Sweets Panna cooked with berries English soup Cheese cake with Semifreddo strawberry sauce to the two chocolates "Black & White" Chocolate cake with mascarpone cream Seasonal Fruits Season Drinks Home Wine per liter Beer Drinks Amari Whisky and Rhum Coffee Water Bread and service Organic Mountain Bread of "The Oven of Shoemakers" - In the absence of a fresh product, a frozen product can be used
The freshly renovated menu for summer